A road taken sixty years ago

It was late 1959 when Pietro Iommi decided to buy the first truck Esatau to transport the beets from the countryside to the Montecosaro sugar factory. That first trip marked the beginning of a constantly evolving growing path, starting from the transport of vegetables to Milan and of oranges from Sicily.

Growing in the name of evolution to optimize the logistics, such as the original idea of creating machinery to wash the vegetables during loading operations, and the continuity with the annual purchase of new vehicles.

Years of



Basic steps


Pietro Iommi’s first trip to bringing the beets from the surrounding countryside to the Montecosaro sugar factory.

Early 70s

The company continues in growing by moving nationally with fruit and vegetable transports


The company establishes a line of machinery to wash vegetables during loading operations, to optimize the supply chain.


The company becomes the official partner of an important international freight forwarder, Saima, with the first trips to Switzerland and a remarkable development on international transport


Paolo Iommi, fresh from his degree with a thesis on transport, officially joined the company, even though he had attended the company since he was a child


First transport in England


The first company car wash is realized, present in the Montecosaro headquarters


The new number plates come into circulation: and the first plate of the Province of Macerata was delivered to Jommi for its vehicles


Iveco chooses Jommi as a beta tester for its first automatic transmission truck


A Collaboration begins with an American multinational based in Belgium that will lead the company to expand internationally


The new workshop was opened


The company celebrated fifty years of activity with a big party.


Opening his first platform in Belgium based in Seneffe


Opening Jommi 3 in Belgium


Entry into the company of Alessio, third generation of the Iommi family.

Growing with intermodal transport, even at the request of customers increasingly attentive to environmental impact


Creation of the Adriatic Consortium for winter motorway maintenance

We still have a long way to go with you