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What is your commitment to the environment?

The new vehicles we are buying are Euro 6, and having a tire repairer inside allows us constantly maintenance and keep the vehicles more efficient, even from an environmental point of view. In addition to this, our drivers maintain an eco-friendly driving style to save fuel and limit CO2 emissions. Intermodal transport allows us to choose the most efficient combination both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact.

What are your safety precautions?

GPS tracking for the tractors and trailers with alarm system in constant connection with 24h operations center which also includes level IV of the Vanini scale.

Dealing with customs procedures for countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland?

? We have partners for these kind of procedures: if we have to make Extra EU deliveries, we can manage the documentation on behalf of the client, without the customer having to deal with them

Do you also do intermodal transport?

More and more customers are asking us for the long-distance railway passage: we are investing a lot of energy in intermodal transport. This form of combined logistics allows competitive and sustainable transport for the environment. In addition reducing emissions, eliminates waiting times caused by traffic jams and crossing borders.

Transporting perishable goods?

We started with fruit and vegetable transportation and we have specific means for transporting food, even with refrigerated containers

Transport loose goods?

Not, unless it’s a single vehicle or industrial machinery that’s considered as loose goods

Carry dangerous goods?

Yes. Regarding ADR goods we often adopt intermodal transport solutions, in order to guarantee the highest safety standards and reduce any risk.

Can I track my goods?

Our client can remotely access to the shipments, see the status in real time (online tracking) and the constantly updated position of the vehicle.

Do you offer a warehouse service?

We have over 2000 sqm of warehouse for storage and management of goods and distribution.

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